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Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants to help treat clients for both medical, non-medical, emotional and physical conditions. Archaeologists found signs of the use of essential oils in the Egyptian tombs as far back as 3000BC, were Cedar and Myrrh were used in embalming. Many essential oils were also used in the Roman public baths in the water and for massage. In the middle ages people protected themselves from diseases by carrying herbal bouquets and also throwing them on the floor, these are the same things that we now use in disinfectants and cleaning products i.e. Pine, Sandlewood and Lavender.


Aromatherapy is not used in any way as a replacement for any medical treatment, however some clients have said that they feel that it does assist it. Aromatherapy is very helpful in relieving stress and tensions that we can all suffer during every day life and so nice to have as a pampering relaxing treatment.


In our treatments essential oils will be blended with base oils to suit the individual needs of the client. The oils will be decided after a full consultation and assessment of their requirements has been completed. For some medical conditions it may be necessary for clients to gain a Doctors, consultants or specialists approval before they are able to commence with a treatment. If any client believes this may be the case they may contact us before their treatment date and we will confirm if it will be required so that they will not be disappointed, as they will not be able to be treated if this is established during the consultation and another appointment will have to be made once confirmation has been obtained.


A full Aromatherapy treatment last approximately one hour, unless only part of the body is being treated and then the client will be told approximately how long the individual treatment will last. The first appointment will be approximately one and a half hours, which will give time for the consultation to be completed.


An hours treatment cost £45.00 unless it is out of area then an additional £5 may be added to cover travelling expenses.


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FULL BODY £45.00

(Approximately one hour)



£25.00 per half hour


If you require any further prices or information not mentioned here, please feel free to email or call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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