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Ear Candling

Ear Candling goes back many years Pictures of them in use have been seen in Ancient rock drawings. They were used by Romans, Greeks and also Egyptians. they seem to have started around Native North and South American Indians. Originally it was believed that the candles were used for Spiritually cleansing, healing and purifiying. The physical benefits were not realised until a later date. Although Ear Candling seemed to fade out for a while there were some members of the native Hopi Indians who kept it going, this tribe are known for their excessive knowledge of healing. This is where the name Hopi Candles comes from, but we now refer to them as Ear Candles to respect the wishes of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Society.


Ear Candles are hollow tubes made from cotton and then coated in beeswax, whic can also be infused with essential oils, honey or even herbs. Inspired Naturally use Ear Candles that have a safety filter on the end to prevent any particles from the candle dropping into the ear.


During the treatment the client lays on thier side and a small protective cloth is placed around the ear. The tip of the lighted candle is then placed on the opening of the ear to create a seal. Once alight the candles hollow shape creates a very mild suction. Along with the heat heat released from the vapours circulating inside the ear this causese any hardened wax to soften and a gentle massage affect on the ear drum.








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Ear Candling

This treatment can be added onto another treatment for an additional £10.00

Or can be done as a treatmentt on its own with a facial sinus massage for £30.00

(appx 45 mins)



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Ear Candling