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Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage can be carried out almost anywhere and is done over clothing so is excellent for treating people in the work place, at events as well as in thier own home.  It consists of the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms being treated.


Traditionally it was a regular practice in India to help maintain a healthy body and mind. New born babies were often massaged daily until they were three years old and taught how to massage when they were approximately six years old.


Indian Head Massage is said to balance the Doshas (Vata - Pita & Kapha) as well as the Chakras, it is believed that once these are balanced the body and mind will also be balanced.


Indian Head Massage is very good for relieving stress and as the recent health and safety executive figures believe that stress is responsible for 60% of the lost working days it is a good treatment to reduce the stress in the work place and uplift the employees, giving them motivation. As well as helping to reduce stress Indian Head Massage is good for relieving tension and is said to help reduce headaches and migraines, eyestrain, depression, anxiety, improve hair and skin conditions as well as improve concentration.


The treatment lasts for approximately forty minutes, but can be made shorter if it needs to be fitted around certain times, i.e. work scheduals. On your first treatment please allow extra time as a consultation form will need to be completed,The cost is £28.00 for approximately forty minutes, but if shorter tireatments are required or block sessions booked the price may be cheaper, please call with details and we will be happy to give you a costing.




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Indian Head Massage


(appx 40 minutes)


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