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Lash and Brow Tinting

Having your eye lashes and eyebrows tinted is quick and painless.


Eye brow tints can help make the eyebrows look fuller and more enhanced, making the eyes stand out especially if they are shaped at the same time. For clients who have greying of the eyebrows this can help cover the grey and make them look and feel younger.


Eye lash tints can help reduce the need for mascara, which is really useful when you go on holiday and find yourself getting in and out of the pool several times a day. It is useful when getting ready to go out for the evening saving time having to put mascara on and worrying if it will run. Tints are also useful for people who are sporty, ellergic to make up or wear contact lenses.


A tint can last for approximately four to six weeks, depending on the individual client's hair growth. Before a treatment can be done a skin test will have to be carried out incase of a reaction to the dye. Each treatment takes approximately ten to twenty minutes to carry out.


An addition twenty minutes should be allowed for the first appointment so that a consultation can be carried out, although this could be done with the skin test at least twenty-four hours before the treatment.


Cost for Eyelash tint £12.00 Cost for Eyebrow tint £10.00

Both at same time £20.00

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(Appx 20 minutes)



(Appx 15 minutes)



(Appx 25 minutes)



If you require any further prices or information not mentioned here, please feel free to email or call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.