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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage was developed in the early 1930’s by Dr Emil Vodder.

Dr Vodder created a range of gentle pumping movements on the skin, which helped give relief from conditions such as sinus congestion and Catarrh. 


This gentle form of massage stimulates the body’s Lymphatic system, helping to remove waste and toxins from the body, improving metabolism and assisting the immune system. 


Lymphatic Drainage is not used in any way as a replacement for any medical treatments, however it is often used in conjunction with it, as it can help to reduce swelling, so some medical professionals will recommend Lymphatic Drainage Massage in some cases.  


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is good for clients who live a sedentary lifestyle, clients who would like to reduce swelling or puffiness and those who suffer from Colds, Flu, Acne, Cellulite and low energy levels.


This is a very light form of massage moving only the top layer of the skin gently to stimulate the Lymph flow and assist it around the body, helping to remove the build up of toxins. No oil is used during this treatment. The movements used are not the same as movements used on other types of massage that are used for muscles this massage works the Lymphatic System.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments can vary in time depending on the individual clients needs and can last anything from half an hour onwards. Before the first treatment a full consultation will be carried out to assess individual requirements. As Lymphatic Drainage is often used for a condition or part of a health plan it is advisable to get a Doctors or Specialist approval before booking your first treatment. Some conditions such as Kidney problems, Malignant tumours, Diabetes and Heart conditions may not be suitable for treatment.


After a treatment clients needs to drink plenty of water and may find that they need to urinate more after this treatment than a normal massage. Please add an additional half an hour to your first treatment for your consultation. (Consultations are free with treatment)


An hour’s treatment cost £40.00 unless it is out of area then an additional £5 may be added to cover travelling expenses.


Inspired Naturally BACK Case study pictures 001


Legs with odema through being in a wheelchair for long periods at a time.

Case study pictures 008


After the treatment the client had lost one inch from one leg and nearly and inch from the other leg. The skin on her toes became looser and she had more physical movement in her toes than she had, had for a long time.

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£45.00 Per hour


£25.00 half an hour


Longer treatments POA



If you require any further prices or information not mentioned here, please feel free to email or call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.