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HALF LEG £15.00

FULL LEG £20.00

UNDER ARM £10.00



CHIN £8.00



EYEBROW £12.00

£8.00- £15.00

Warm wax £35.00
Hot Wax £40.00

warm wax £40.00
Hot wax £45.00

£15.00 - £35.00

£15.00 - £35.00

NECK £8.00 - £12.00


An additional £5.00 travelling cost may be added, for out of area clients, this would be confirmed before your appointment.

For any areas not listed above please call or email enquiry.

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Inspired Naturally


Waxing is a temporary method of removing hair. Depending on the part of the body and type of hair either a hot or warm wax will be used. Hot wax would work better on coarse hair such as under arms and bikini line (although a warm wax can be used in this area) The hot wax softens the hair follicle and pores in the skin and making the removal of course hair less painful. Warm wax would be more suitable for legs, backs ect...

Warm wax is applied with a spatula in a thin strip over the hair to be removed and then a paper or cloth strip is placed over the wax and pulled off to remove the hair. Hot wax is applied thicker than the warm wax over the hair to be removed, it is then left to dry before being pulled off to remove the hairs. (No strip is used for hot wax)

Some people do find this method of hair removal uncomfortable, but it is a good and quick method of hair removal that last for anything between three to six weeks sometimes longer depending on each individual. Most people find that with regular waxing the hair becomes finer.

Waxing is ideal when going away, it saves on having to take razors away, there is no shaving rash, rarely any itching during regrowth and no stubble as the hair is removed from the root so it will be a new hair that grows back. However it is normal for redness to appear on the skin directly after the treatment, this normally disappears within a few hours.

A skin test will have to be carried out to check that the client does not have a reaction to the wax, along with a consultation on the first visit. It is important to follow aftercare advice after a waxing treatment to help reduce infections, irritations and ingrowing hairs.

Please see the list of costs, if you are unable to see the area you wish to have treated please contact us and we will be happy to advise you what can be done, both male and female clients are welcome.

Inspired Naturally

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